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GF Revenge Megan

Welcome back to a brand new and fresh gf revenge scene here today and a fresh new face getting to be kinky on cam. Now you know what this site deals in. We’ve got a lot of angry but pretty babes that got cheated on and they want to do something to get back at their boyfriends before they dump them. Today’s little beauty is Megan, a babe with dark blonde hair and blue eyes that finds herself in such a conundrum and we’re more than happy to help her out and let her play with this hot stud packing a nice and big cock. So yeah, just sit back and relax and check out the hot and beautiful Megan as she sucks some dick in a stall in today’s scene!

Either way, this babe was really good at it and the guy just said bye bye to one of the best looking babes that seems to be quite the naughty little cutie too. It’s okay though, we’re sure that with oral skills like hers especially she won’t be single long. Also Mega’s message to everyone is ” see my sex tapes ” as well, as it seems that she was through the process of making many of these and then just sending them to everyone, but especially to the guy to make him jealous. So enjoy the view of the whole scene with the lovely and cute Megan here and we will be back again next week with another new show and some more amazing galleries for you!

GF Revenge Megan

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Ex girlfriend tasting the sweet revenge

Have a look at the following video update, to see how this sweet babe is going to have her pussy totally pumped. She is going to have her pussy destroyed by that incredibly huge tool, just like she wanted. She is going to be exposed, cause she revealed this sex tape that she filmed a while ago. The thing that she likes huge hard tools is no secret for anyone so when she is going to be watched while she is bouncing on top of this immense toolbouncing on top of this immense tool, won’t shock no one.

She is going to be exposed while she is having sex on the back seat of a car, where she started to spread her legs, so that immense tool could get inside her. You will see her pink pussy be totally drilled by that impressive XXL cock. See her having a great time and ending up with a huge load of white creamy jizz all over her tummy. You will enjoy this amazing video, believe me, and you will get totally fired up. Have a look at as well, for more similar videos, that will totally make your day. Stay here to see the end of this video, cause it will be such a huge surprise!

the sweet revenge taste

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Gf Revenge Abby

Behind this next scene there is a very long breakup story but this gf revenge Abby video scene is quite interesting. After she dumped him he cried and begged for forgiveness for days with no use. She just did not wanted him back and all because she spotted him talking with his ex girlfriend.  He felt that the only way to get over Abby is to expose her here at gfrevenge, specially when he saw her dating with his best buddy! Luckily he still had her sex tape, the one she was so proud off, because Abby always used to say that she would be a perfect porn star!

We will see about her skills by watching this sex video of Abby and her boyfriend back when they were together. She loves performing on cam specially when she has a hard cock deep inside her wet tight pussy! She is incredibly flexible and the guy fucks her in all kind of position, but when she gets on top she rides his hard cock like a real porn star! Her moans are becoming louder and louder as he shoves his cock deeper in her tight pussy and she finally reaches the orgasm, and very soon he explodes all over her little titties! If you are looking for a similar scene, check out this desperate amateurs video.


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Kimberly’s Revenge

Kimberly wanted to get back at her boyfriend and she found the perfect way to do it. By the end of this scene she’ll have her filthy mouth fucked and filled by her ex’s best friend. She was pretty mad when she found out that her man was sleeping  with another woman although they were together for over three years. It was a shock for her to find out that she was sharing him with another woman and not a stranger, he was sleeping with one of her friends. After she caught him with her, she just couldn’t stop thinking about her revenge.

So she gave one of his friends a call and invited him over to her place. She didn’t need to much to get him in the sack and in no time she was sucking off his cock as well. Of course she got it all on camera and sent it all to her boyfriend. If you like this you must see this Czech Street Porn scene with the hottest babes getting fucked in public. Hope you guys enjoyed it and we’ll see you next time with more hot scenes. See you later!


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Fucking the pickups

Do never trust a babe that was being cheated by her boyfriend. Just like these two babes are. And to release the tension and revenge their thrust, they decided to call one of their fuck buddies to have some fun with. The moment the three of them got together, they started to fool around and to make out in such an amazing way, going all over the place with their hands and mouths. You got to see how both of them started to full around and both babes started to work on this guy’s huge cock.

Enjoy seeing these two gorgeous babes in action, one of them kissing with the guy and the other one blowing his gigantic tool. You will have a wonderful time seeing how these three are going to spend their time and you will get really turned on by the babe who is starting to suck that gorgeous boner. Enjoy watching this impressive video and see how this guy is going to please both babes and spread his enormous load all over their bodies. Have a great time seeing also the most recent video update, to see more spectacular scenes over there!

fucking two babes

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