Gf Revenge
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Kimberly’s Revenge

Kimberly wanted to get back at her boyfriend and she found the perfect way to do it. By the end of this scene she’ll have her filthy mouth fucked and filled by her ex’s best friend. She was pretty mad when she found out that her man was sleeping  with another woman although they were together for over three years. It was a shock for her to find out that she was sharing him with another woman and not a stranger, he was sleeping with one of her friends. After she caught him with her, she just couldn’t stop thinking about her revenge.

So she gave one of his friends a call and invited him over to her place. She didn’t need to much to get him in the sack and in no time she was sucking off his cock as well. Of course she got it all on camera and sent it all to her boyfriend. If you like this you must see this Czech Street Porn scene with the hottest babes getting fucked in public. Hope you guys enjoyed it and we’ll see you next time with more hot scenes. See you later!


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